After being in the extension industry for over 20 years now I have trained in most methods available, there is an ever-increasing demand for higher quality hair extensions,to keep in line with modern hair trends and creations, with this in mind I am always keeping up to date with the hair extension industry.

The methods I specialise in are:


A stick/i-tip ring hair extension is the method of fitting that involves the use of a micro ring to keep the hair extension in place without the use of heat or glue. Usually a full head is around 200 bonds this method takes around 2 hours to be applied, and lasts around 3 months before needing to be reapplied. 


Tape in hair extensions are thin tape wefts just under 1 inch wide they are pre-taped that get taped-in between your own hair so your natural hair is basically sandwiched in causing minimal damage to the natural hair and like bonds this method is 100% natural, requires no tools or chemicals, and lasts around 2 months before the hair needs to be taken out and re applied. This is now the most popular method as it's the most natural looking and quick to fit and remove taking around an hour for each appointment.


  • We recommend only using sulphate free products on the hair. 

  • You should only wash your extensions 1-2 times per week. 

  • Before washing detangle the hair and separate the bonds. 

  • Smooth the shampoo down the extensions, DO NOT RUB as tangling will occur.

  • Condition from the mid lengths to the ends of the extensions, do not apply conditioner to the bonds. 

  • When hair is damp spray with a protein spray or use an oil/serum. Dry the bonds first using the cool setting on your hairdryer. 

  • Brushing 

  • You will need to use an extension brush on/near the bonds. This is so the bonds don’t get snagged. 

  • When brushing you will need to hold the bonds to support them, this will prevent excess tugging on the extensions. 

  • ALWAYS use an extension brush when hair is wet or dry. 

  • Styling

  • Always keep heat away from your bonds. 

  • Always use a heat protection spray before blow drying/applying any heat. 

  • *The more heat you use on your hair extensions the shorter the lifespan of the hair. Treat your extensions with the same respect as your own hair. 

  • Sun and Swimming

  • If hair extensions are exposed to the sun, chlorinated water and salt water they can become dry so be sure to use a protection and condition regularly