Finding the Right Skin Care Products

Finding the Right Skin Care Products

This is a question I used to get asked all the time in the skincare industry especially when I was working for space NK, working for such an unbiased skincare brand I had the opportunity to work with hundreds of different brands and thousands of different products. In the 10 years working there the thing I enjoyed most was that I got to know not only about the products but the brands and the ethos behind creating them. Some brands were very high-tech with a scientific background or founded by a doctor and others were the most natural you can get with using only organic ingredients.


While I was building my business after having my son I was also still working for Space NK part time, I would have a lot of my clients asking me what skincare brands are best? What products are best? Or what did I use? I found myself helping them with their skincare concerns and sending the links for the best products to invest in. This what made it so important for me to find the right brand to start stocking in the salon, I wanted something that was affordable but results driven, something my clients would love and also something I could use in my facials.


While I was searching for a brand stock in the salon I came across Enivron I was super excited as we used to stock it in Harvey Nichols when I worked there for Estée Lauder, but also in Space NK when I worked there years ago, although I don’t think they got the entire concept of the brand as we didn’t ever stock the whole step up system of moisturisers in store which is the main concept behind the brand.


So a little question, have you ever used a moisturiser for a little while I thought I’m not getting much out of this anymore? In store we used to get so many customers wanting to change their moisturiser because they think it doesn’t work for them anymore, and that their skin “has got used to it“ I think this is partly true and if we’re honest we’ve all been there looking for that next step up. So basically the main concept behind Environ is there famous Step up system you basically start off with the AVST1 their lowest form of vitamin A moisturiser and then you work your way up after a couple of bottles each time the vitamin A is increased. Vitamin A is a retinol, so using high amount when your skin isn’t used to it can dry the skin out or cause a reaction, so it’s a great way to introduce such a great ingredient into your skincare and you also keep getting better results and benefits during the stepping up process which I think is fab and have personally noticed a massive difference in my skin tone and texture already!


Sorry I’ve diverted a little bit off of topic can you tell I’m excited, so what skincare products are the best? Well I think after all my knowledge over the years I’ve bought in a brand with great Scientific background as it was created by a doctor Dr Des Fernandez and such wide range of products that can I can literally find something suit all my clients skincare concerns. I’m super excited to have such a great skincare brand that I know works and can’t wait to start offering the Environ facials in the salon once we open from lockdown.


If you ever have a skincare concerns or questions please don’t hesitate to either ask me in your next treatment, phone me, text me or you can message on social media I also have a f skincare consultation form on my website and I can recommend the correct products for you.

Hope you enjoyed reading and continue to join me on my blogging journey ☺️